Full of experiences as result of living in different Spanish cities, Mila de Salustiano (Beasain) has been almost huge part of his life time being San Sebastian neighbour, and because of that, San Sebastian represents an essential part of herself and his paintings.His experience is his painting.His accurate and colorful stroke is the result of huge trajectory where at the same time she was learning she tried different styles, she has taken part in many painting exhibitions and competitions, where in some times has been winner.
Dynamic woman, whit hard tread and at the same time optimistic, as this way is like Mila collects his work with “Mists” name…like this and in a transparent way, pure, this personality is what we said we can see clearly on his paintings.
The optimism we can see in the chromatic freshness of his work, the security in the accurate stroke and the dynamism in the vibration of his paintings. As the same way and with the same delusion, we present you this collection in nana. space.We are waiting for you.

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